Autistic Pride

I was born different. Not visibly, but noticeably. And there was no one else like me.

I went stumbling through childhood, every mockery hitting me, assuring me, that I was wrong.

But I did look like you, I should have worked like you, I should have been like you, like all you others do.

I started watching you, observing all you do, the way you act among yourselves.

Humans were strange to me; they made no sense to me.

Their rules were scaring me, they don’t act logically.

I started copying you, did things the way you do.

Found out your patterns and your rules too.

So I could pass as you, so I seemed human too.

So you would think I am one of you.


But then I found someone, who made me feel belong;

someone who works like me, who’s acting logically,

who is not trying to be – like you.


I was born different. Not visibly, but noticeably. And there are lots like me.

We don’t do hierarchy, we don’t mock viciously,  

we do not hide behind a mask.

And we grow stronger now, learn from each other how

to be the way we are.

So finally, I get to be

proud to be


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