Food made as quickly as fast food, but healthy and delicious

I’m one of those who just have not the energy. I just get to the top-3 on my to-do list, depending on how vital the points are and then there is no more energy left for other things.

At the same time, I am a conscientious mother who wants to make sure that Emma is getting enough vegetables and vitamins. But Emma does not eat food when it’s cooked and mixed up.

At a time when there was not so much pressure, I have found a perfect strategy, which has already worked for many months and made sure that I do not have to trouble myself with cooking but that we eat healthy anyway.

I simply do not cook. Not at all. Well, the only thing I cook is eggs in larger quantities, when I once in a while have enough energy for that.

I just make sure that we always have the following in the freezer:

  • sausages
  • chicken breast
  • meatballs from the butcher
  • fish cakes
  • rye bread from the bakery

And I make sure that we always have the following in the fridge:

  • remoulade, pesto, hummus, butter, mayonnaise
  • feta, mozzarella, cheese, salmon, prawns and cold cuts
  • different kinds of vegetables and fruit that are easy to eat raw (eg cherry tomatoes in large quantities, cucumber, peppers, different kinds of berries …)

Every evening I pick up bread and meat / fish from the freezer and put it in the microwave for thawing, then I take some vegetables and berries, wash them, cut them as needed in large pieces and put it all on plates. Then I decorate with pesto, hummus or mayonnaise for me and with large amounts of remoulade for Emma. Voila. 5 minutes work and we get healthy food.

Unfortunately, I’m bad at remembering varied food, therefore I sometimes try to take pictures of the food as inspiration for those days when I can’t come up with a good idea. So I will endeavor to post once in a while a picture of our food here on the blog, mostly as a reminder of what to eat. Bon appetite.



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