Plan B – when nothing helps

Yesterday was a bad day. My partner drove to the zoo with the little one, but she fell asleep on her way there and was allowed to sleep for too long. So the zoological garden was cancelled and we met at an ice cream shop instead.

There her whole body trembled because she froze so much, so she only got a single scoop of ice. That made her cry and shout so much that I could not stand it. So she got a second scoop. And again enormous unhappiness because she insisted on 3 scoops (she usually gets 2). Fortunately, I steered her away from that, but for the rest of the day she was unhappy, everything was wrong, and the only thing she wanted was to watch clips on her tablet. But her vouchers were already used up.

She tried to steal the tablet behind my back, and the situation deteriorated into chaos, alarm and insurgency. I had my Bose QC35 on my ears, but nevertheless came under pressure.

Fortunately, I got the good idea that I would play with water in the bathroom. I would like to experiment with hot and cold water in different bowls and I want a large soup ladle to stir around and distribute water from one bowl to the other. Emma would never have agreed that she should play with water, but as I walked in the bathroom to play with water, it was absolutely clear that she wants the same.


I withdrew myself after 2 minutes when she had started and could play herself. And she finally calmed down and played for half an hour and spent the rest of the evening pretty well, even though she was late to bed.

So it pays off to have a good activity up one’s sleeve when everything goes wrong: A plan B. And possibly also a plan C.

Her water toys, bowls, bathtub:


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